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Chinese Journal Publishes Foley's Article on Sino-Saudi Ties

The Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies published Dr. Foley's Article on China-Saudi Ties: "When Oil is Not Enough: Sino-Saudi Ties and Vision 2030." This paper explores how cultural and socio-economic developments help us to better understand Sino-Saudi ties in the 21st century, Saudi “Vision 2030”, and China’s “One Belt and One Road Initiative.

The Road to Now Interviews Dr. Foley on Syria

The Road to Now Podcast with Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford interviewed Dr. Foley on April 13, 2017 about the civil war in Syria. Dr. Foley discussed the causes of the war and the history of Syria since the First World War. Dr. Foley also touched on Syria's society and the impact of the 2006-2011 drought.  

Life and Legends Magazine Publishes Dr. Foley's article on art, film, and social media in Saudi Arabia

Life and Legends, an American arts magazine, published Dr. Foley's article on art, film, and social media in Saudi Arabia. Entitled "Artists of Change: Saudi Arabia in 2017," the article discusses the visual arts movement in Saudi Arabia over the last fifteen years, including the 2016 movie, Baraka Meets Barakah, staring Hisham Fageeh and Fatima Albanawi. 

The National Newspaper Quotes Dr. Foley on Salman's Trip to Malaysia

On February 26, 2017, the National newspaper in the United Arab Emirates cited Dr. Foley at length about Saudi Arabia's King Salman and his trip to visit Malaysia. The article also discussed Saudi Arabia's rapidly growing trade ties with Asian economies, including China and Malaysia. 

Dr. Foley lectures to Beijing Foreign Studies University on Culture and Sino-Saudi Ties

On December 15, 2016 Dr. Foley lectured on the role of culture and history in Sino-Saudi ties to students and faculty at the Department of Arabic Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), Beijing, China. BFSU is one of China's top universities for foreign languages and international affairs.

Dr. Foley lectures to Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Conference on Islam and Modernization in Saudi Arabia

On November 18, 2016 Dr. Foley spoke on the intersection of smoking, Islam, modernization, and politics in modern Saudi Arabia to the annual conference of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) in Boston, MA. The paper was part of a panel, co-organized with Dr. Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, entitled "Widening the Net."

Dr. Foley lectures on Culture and Sino-Saudi relations to an international conference in Shanghai, China

Dr. Foley delivered a paper, "When Oil is Not Enough: Sino-Saudi Ties and Vision 2030" to a conference at Shanghai International Studies University in Shanghai, China. The conference, entitled The 5th International Forum on Asia and the Middle East, featured scholars from America, China, and around the world.

Dr. Foley lectures on smoking in Saudi Arabia to Istanbul, Turkey Conference on American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Dr. Foley delivered a paper, "How Big Tobacco Used Islam and Modernity to Conquer Saudi Arabia" to a conference at Maltepe University (Istanbul, Turkey). The conference, entitled "American Foreign Policy in the Middle East," featured scholars from America, Turkey, and the Arab World.

Dr. Foley lectures to the University of Tokyo's Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Dr. Foley presented "When Dissonance Becomes Unexpected Harmony: How Artists Are Re-Imagining Saudi Arabia's Culture and Society" to the University of Tokyo's Centre of Middle East Studies in Tokyo, Japan on May 16, 2016. The presentation discussed the rise of Saudi Arabia's contemporary arts movement and its impact on the Kingdom's politics and society.

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