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On September 21, 2020, The Asia Society published Dr. Foley’s article about Saudi Arabia’s ties with Asia. The comprehensive piece, which is part of the Society’s “Asia’s New Pivot” series, not only discusses Saudi Arabia’s growing ties to Asia’s powers but also how China, India, and other Asian nations are transforming the Kingdom and the Middle East. Among the many topics the piece covers are Saudi Arabia’s deepening political and economic ties to Asian powers since 2006, China and India’s role in global oil markets, the Belt and Road Initiative, Riyadh’s changing ties to Islamabad and New Delhi, the Kingdom’s role in domestic and regional politics in Southeast Asia, Asia and the Hajj, Asian expatriate workers in the Kingdom, the Covid-19 crisis, Vision 2030, the Abraham Accords, and rising military tensions in the Gulf and the Red Sea. The piece also discusses the Kingdom’s complicated political and security alliance with the United States.